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"Due to increasing fear of copyright infringement, I will no longer be
referring to my product as "soap."  From now on, my product will be,
"Barb's 100% Natural Cleansing Bars.""
"Hold on Mrs. Wing....100%? What about that pigment you used??"
"O.K., my product is now "Barb's 99.9% Natural Cleansing Bars""
           "Mrs. Wing, Proctor and Gamble copyrighted "99.9%" years ago. You can't
call your product that."
"My product will be called, "Barb's Natural Cleansing Bars""
              What do you mean by "Natural"? Aren't those oils processed? Can you prove
no chemicals were used? Hmmm??
"I will now name my product, "Barb's Cleansing Bars.""
        "Cleansing, Mrs. Wing? Cleansing?? Sounds like one of those new health
          fads. Are you saying that your product improves health? Do you have FDA
approval for this?"

 "Due to increasing fear of violation of FDA regulations, my product will
now be called, "Barb's  Bars""
 "Sure! You can call it that, as long as you produce records, in triplicate,
of each bar produced, with exact dimensions, thus verifying that the
     product is indeed, "bars", not squares, ovals or polygons. Oh...we'll want
the weight of each bar, in grams please, for our files. Along with
ingredient lists, suppliers, 3 references, and pictures of all your living
relatives, including those deceased."

"<sigh> Thank you, I have decided not to make soap after all"
                "Oh.....Mrs. Wing? Our company has registered the word Wing, thus you have
30 days to remove your last name from your web site, advertising and
      personal mail. Immediately change your telephone listing, e-mail address
and Christmas card labels. You will be hearing from our attorney next

With tongue in cheek,
      Barb (who has hidden her children, and refers to them only as #1, 2 and 3
to avoid trademark infringement violations)
©1999, Barb

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