Soapnuts Flea Market Sunday Rules

1. Sunday is the ONLY open day for trading/selling.

2. The Flea Market is NOT open to Suppliers/Ads. If you are a supplier and crafter that wants to trade/sell items that you DO NOT offer for sale, you may post it. If you violate this rule, you will be given the boot, : ) In case anyone doesn't know what 'the boot' means, you will be un-subscribed.

3. The list owner/moderators are NOT responsible for transactions between members. Any trading or selling is done at your own risk.

4. If you post, you must keep it clean and condensed, if you abuse this, you will be notified and/or the right to post on FM Sunday may be stripped from you. An example will follow below.

5. Be HONEST. If your containers, etc. need cleaning, have marks, etc. say so! Treat your trade/sale the way you would want in return. Don't offer trash, we all have our own to bear and don't need any one else's.

6. Participants must ship/pay in a timely manner. Violators will be subjected to review and the proper course of action taken, your posts are not a right but a privilege and can be taken away so do the right thing, : )

7. You must place the proper subject heading announcing to others that your post is a trade/sale so that other list business does not get lost in the *shuffle*. Please use the following in your subject line:FM AD-"short description of what you are offering".

8. Keep your posts neat and tidy! If your *ad* causes problems with digest readers, you will be restricted from trading/selling. No large gaps between lines/spaced out. One line break between paragraphs if needed, keep it short and simple.

9. Again, this is not available to supplier ads, we depend on our supplier ads to support our Soapnuts Library.

 Ad information for suppliers can be found on the home page

10. Don't abuse this privilege. Participate in every day list life when possible and do not use the list only for this one day, we do take notes, ; )

11. All comments/replies concerning *ads* must be conducted privately OFF the list.

Example Post:


Subject: FM Ad-containers/swap for butters

Your  Name: Jane Doe

Your E-mail Address or other contact info: janedoe@

Item(s) Description

If trade-be specific what you are looking to trade for.

If selling, list payment options, shipping method/delivery time (for example-I will ship immediately after receiving payment.)

Questions or comments may be directed to

Thank you!


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