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NOTE: Ads placed here do NOT get placed in our Library (, but on our Yahoo Groups Mailing List.
Funds collected from advertisers will be used expressly for the maintenance and upkeep of our list and library. Growth increase has made this a necessity, not for filling of personal coffers.....

Why should you advertise with us?
Your ad will be viewed by a  large audience. Our mailing list group is celebrating our 14th anniversary this year.

We do not consider ourselves members of an industry, but a community. Long standing membership is common. If you pride yourself on your customer service and high quality products, more than likely you will have return business from 'soapnut' members.
We have over 1,000 members.
Ads are posted once each week throughout the year, typically on Mondays so that our members have enough time to browse the ads and contact the vendors during the week while businesses are open and operating. I'm not committing myself to Mondays, but ads will be posted at the beginning of the week. These ads are only posted to our mailing list group members.
Available to business owners only!
How to get your money's worth out of advertising with us-All yearly subscriptions paid in full will  be allowed a bonus ad monthly at the end of a 3 month minimum time frame. We do enforce the 3 month limit in order to protect our members, you must prove yourself to be a worthy supplier both in product and customer service. After your 3 month anniversary date, you will be allowed to send in 1 special ad per month for a total of 9 months. This is to allow you to post 'specials, co-ops, new items, sales, discounted, dis-continued items' in addition to your regular ad if you do not want to change it. This offer is only available to those paid advertisers in good standing that have paid for a years subscription.
How to advertise with us-
First, please review our terms and conditions regarding advertisers-
We strive to maintain honesty, integrity, common courtesy and professionalism within our ranks. Suppliers must cooperate by upholding these qualities in their business transactions with customers in order to advertise on our list.
Ads are placed in the order they are recieved. No favors or special privileges will be made, however ads will be rotated monthly or thereabouts.
The list owner is not responsible for any transactions conducted between members or non-members and vendors.
Payment must be made in full before your ad will be posted. Payment via PayPal only. You will receive a confirmation to your ad within 1-5 business days, at that time you will also be notified within the e-mail of where to send your payment, upon acceptance of your ad, you will be sent the information needed to make payment. Please note-not all ads are accepted, we reserve the right to refuse any ad. If you would prefer having an invoice sent (money request) via PayPal, please indicate so.

Ads are non-refundable!
We reserve the right to terminate your ad if you are found to not meet our standards, no refunds will be given.
Ads may be changed at any time, but you must send in the revised classified ad by each Friday in order for the ad to be submitted with the changes made. Late changes will not be posted until the following ad. Ad changes are free and are included in the ad charges. To change your ad, please submit your new ad using the form again or use the original ad format to make your changes and send to is much to full to keep track of who had what ad, : ) otherwise your old ad will be displayed. You may also make your changes using the normal format and simply send via e-mail to me at:

Classified ads are NOT for co-ops! Co-Ops are reserved ONLY for soapnut members that meet our rules and regulations in order to protect our soapnut community to the best of our abilities. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may pose, but we find that this is necessary. You do NOT need to be a member of our group in order to advertise on our mailing list.
 If you agree to the terms and conditions, please click below and you will be asked to submit your contact information and construct your ad-

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