Soapnuts Subscription Help
Our mailing list is large and vocal, which means lots of mail....on the plus side, you get the encouragement, wisdom, laughter and friendship that our members have to offer, but there are times when you may want to leave our list or don't want to receive mail because you are going on vacation, etc. here's what to do:
To change your subscription to our mailing list:
1.Visit the soapnut mailing list member center at Yahoo Groups(or whatever entity is currently acting as server),
2. Sign in using the yahoo id and password that you used to subscribe to the list (not our archive passwords).
3. If you belong to more than one list, click on 'My Groups' then 'soapnuts'.
4. On the far right hand side, you will find a drop down menu that lists your current mail settings, choose an option, then go down to the bottom and press SAVE CHANGES! (you'll be stuck with us if you don't do this)
What do the options mean?
a)Digest-you will recieve messages from the list as one e-mail (usually 25 messages per digest).
b)No-Mail/Web Only-this option will let you read and send messages from the soapnuts member center and keep your anniversary date current, without getting any mail from the list in your private mailbox.
c)Un-subscribe-this will remove you as a member from our mailing list, if you plan to join us again at a later date, you will lose your anniversary date for hosting co-ops/swaps, so choose no mail instead if that's the case.
d) E-mail messages: this option will deliver each message as it is posted to the list to your mailbox.

To receive message digests instead of individual messages send an email to:
To receive individual messages instead of digests, send email to:
To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the
web), send an email to:

NOTE! you must use the e-mail address you subscribed with to send the message, address to the above addy in the 'to:' line, leave the subject blank and the body of the message blank. You must include the entire address line-
click the above link to open a message in your browser window only if you subbed using that e-mail address, clicking send WILL unsubscribe you from this list!


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