Packaging Tips

            Once you've mastered how to make soap, you're going to need to know how to package those little buggers! Here are some tips, but by all means get creative and let your imagination fly. I do recommend looking for good buys in order to keep your costs down and so you don't have to compensate for it in your prices if you decide to get into marketing your soap.

            Cured Soaps waiting to be wrapped: If your going to have to store your soaps for any length of time and especially if you've used costly essential or fragrance oils, your going to want to keep them in a covered container to help them hold their scent. Shoeboxes and tupperware containers work just fine for this. If the soaps haven't cured all the way and you shut them up in an airtight container, chances are they'll bead up and sweat, so make sure they're completely cured before you do this.

            Handy things to have lying around cluttering up your already messy soap room:

                * fabrics!such as calico or even burlap for a truly "rustic" look.
                * washcloths! Keep your eyes peeled for "bargain" sales and stock up.
                * Mugs! Great for pouring shaving soaps in or pop a bar in. Add a filler to the cup and place a bar of soap in the center and wrap with cellophane or tulle.
                * Small brown paper bags
                * Cello type bags in different styles
                * Wood crates
                * Soap dishes! Place one of your bars on top and wrap in clear plastic or shrink wrap.
                * Fillers! Have on hand a variety such as raffia, mosses, styrofoam, anything you can think of.
                * Baskets! You can never have too many baskets. Friends and co-workers are a good place to start building your collection, ; ).
                * Paper! This depends entirely on what you want to use...some use rustic looking "old" paper, brown paper, marbled paper, tissue paper, any kind of paper you want. If you don't already have a program on your computer to add designs and logos, you can paint or draw on labels.
                * Labels! Your going to want to have many different sizes and types: sticky labels, round labels, heavyweight card stock, tiny labels for lip balms, etc.
                * Waxed paper
                * Gift Wrap
                * Muslin Bags: these are terrific! Not to mention you can use them to make some bath bags, etc.
                * Embellishments: These add that special something to your packaging. Riobbons, yarns, cording, raffia, lace, etc.
                * Containers: Baskets fall into this category too. Pick up interesting containers to use when giving special gifts. Need ideas? small wooden bowls, clay pots, tins, large sea shells, exotic glassware, you name it!

                  Wrapping the soap

                  Wrapping your soap is something you'll learn how to do and what works best for you as you do it. Many people use a cigar type band that serves as a wrap and a label in one. To do this you would create a logo or border on your computer,fill it with your information, print it out onto paper you've selected to use, cut into long strips and wrap so that your info is face up on the soap.
                  You can do the same thing with fabric. Some people use pinking shears to cut the fabric and tie it in an attractive bow around the soap and then use a sticky label with your information printed on it.

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