Stop Internet Robbery

Help protect our community!

Many of us have experienced it, many have reported it, but what is going on and what can you do about it?

    There has been an increased rise of internet theft in our community, some outright illegal acts and others that are downirght immoral.
    Our purpose of this page is not to give our interpretation of the law as it stands regarding such acts, but to appeal to those of you visiting this site to do the right thing and  protect yourself and others in our community.
    There are those that would take what is freely offered and given to the benefit of all and profit by it.
    What generous members we have that so openly share their wisdom, lending an ear to problems and questions and sharing their recipes and  knowledge with so many......only to have their creation 'stolen' and presented either as someone else's own and/or sold to make a profit....never being asked nor granting permission for these offenders to do so.
    What can you do to help?
    1. You can start by NOT purchasing and further encouraging this type of behavior. Do purchase books and other learning material from reliable, dependable sources. Be wary of those that advertise "Over xxx Soap Recipes-only $x.xx!". Many of these 'abusers' frequent Auction-type sites.
    2. If you buy/bought material that you know belongs to another, report it to the person/persons who hold the original Copyright or Trademark. Complain to the host site owners/operators, etc.
    3. Always handle yourself with dignity. We do realize the hurt and anger such acts cause, do not lower yourself to the offenders standards, be above reproach, : )
    4. Let others know of this once you have the facts. Be very careful of naming names and possible slander. Contact list owners, copyright holders, etc. privately.

Is this worth the bother and hassle?

If you have to ask that, I feel sorry for you, : (

We should all be offended and hurt when something like this occurs. If you are only a *part* of our community to take what you can get and step on anyone in your way, then you are really not wanted here and will no doubt soon be exposed for what and who you are.

But if you have benefitted from the sharing, caring and love that numerous people have contributed to our comunity at no cost or profit, then the answer should be easy and a resounding "YES!".

It is my heartfelt wish that this not destroy us, that we will continue to share our beloved recipes and ideas and further improve our little part of this great big world. Sound sappy? it is, but then again I like sappy, ; )

For further information on copyright laws and trademark issues, please visit-

The United States Copyright Office

Copyright-Fair Use

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained (a must read)

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