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For my friends' baby shower, I did the baby food guessing game as
well.  It was a hit.  I made some check forms with more selections
than there were bottles.  I also wrapped the bottles with black
metallic wrap so they couldn't see the colour of the food, so only
what they could see through the narrow jar opening.  The common
comment was how sorry the testers felt for babies since the food was
so blah!

I also got 6 cabbage patch kids dolls with pampers and diaper vests
and made 6 people put blindfolds on.  They had to unsnap the diaper
part of the vests, remove the "soiled" diaper and replace it with a
new diaper then snap the diaper part back on the vest.  The best part
was when we got the guys to do it (That wasn't in the plans but there
were enough guys just hanging around!)  That was a hoot!

For my third game, I got these little candies that look like little
pacifiers (from bulk store), and put them in a small bottle (about
half the size of a "regular" size bottle).  I put slips out for
people to guess the number of candies in the bottle.  Boy, you can
fit alot of those suckers in that bottle!

For the taste test and the guess the number game, I placed on the
side so people could do them at their leisure so there wouldn't be a
bottleneck of people at one time.

Hope those help.  We had a lot of people attending and the two were
games where I knew I could get at least everyone involved and give
everyone an equal chance of winning something.


PLUS  I made small teddy bear MP soaps, one pink & one blue, used
baby powder FO, wrapped them in clear cello with pink & blue ribbon
and a Thank You tag as the bombinnere.  (Great free publicity-I
didn't put my name on the tag but my friend told everyone who made
them.)  ;)

    as each guest arrives give them a balloon
    a pen and a strip of paper, have them write a message to
    the honoree( bride,birthday person, mom2b).
    burst the balloon do what it says(funky chicken,
    act like a puppet) these are the nice ones.
    of course you must place the message in the balloon
    first then blow it up. color coordinate the balloons
    is nice.

We each got a plastic  4 oz baby bottle filled with grapefruit juice. The
first one to drink it all out of the bottle was the winner. (very little
holes in the bottle so it was soooooooo hard on the jaws!! Kinda like
reverse blowing up balloon. Painful!! hahaha)  The new mom got to keep the
bottles. Course that was 27 years ago, when it was very uncool to
breastfeed. ;-)
Lori S..

Don't know if I'm to late to add my shower games, but I guess I'm the
unusual one in the group
There are four that are my favorites

1.Song for baby
   Divide everybody into three groups
   They can select a basic song-  daisy daisy-I've been working on the
railroad- On top of old Smokey, etc.
Then you work together to make up a song for the baby
When the time is up each group sings their song to the mother to be
I still have mine and everyone I know has theirs, years later
I don't have mine out right now but one was to the tune of On top of Old
Smokey, it went ( what I can remember)
On top of the Blue Ridge in the mountains so tall
Lived a mother and daddy and three children all
The mother was Sharon
And Danny was Dad
And then there was Jason so strong and so tall
now we have Easter so blond and so fair and then there is Courtney
with a head of dark hair
etc. it went on about the baby and was darling-

2. Safety Pin Game
Did someone already mention this one? As guests arrive they are each given a
safety pin attached to their shirt. No one can say Baby or cross their legs-
if they do you get to leap out of your place and grab their safety pin
before anyone else does, you get to get ALL the pins they have on their
safety pin chain. Great fun especially if you have a couple competitive people
in the group.

3.Win Loose or Draw ( I think it's called that)
you will need a white board and appropriate markers
you divide up into teams and take turns guessing what's being drawn
such as
high chair
baby sitter
nap time
diaper change
you try and come up with things the baby does or uses rather than just
simple stuff. It's great fun

4. Another one we play is charades- we usually pick people of the Bible-
such as
Rahab ( I got that one once, I did a good job- they were able to guess it)
You could pick any people or limit it to women
Sharon in NC

hi, here's my fun
    place twelve or more baby items on a table in plain view
    let everyone look for about 30 sec. or so ( some may need
    more time) its up to the game master!
    then place a cover/sheet/ over items winner guesses the most items.

    paper and pencils to all when they walk in the door
    maybe a gift baggie of sorts with all the game needs inside
    write down as many names for boy/girl that begins with the mom/dad
    that's my fun hope it helps.
    julaine/bathwerks by julaine& co.

another twist to this one (see above)is to have the mother to be carry around a tray with all sorts of baby items on it.  nice and slow.  After she takes the tray out of the room, ask them questions about her.!  what color are her eyes, what is she wearing, what color it is.  What kind of shoes is she wearing, is she wearing a ring/rings...what kind how many.  How 'bout earrings, pierced/unpierced/none at all

I HATE shower games, but one of the ones that was not too bad was where you
put rice in a bowl and put safety pins (the little brass ones) in with it.
You blindfold the person and let them take out as many pins as they's next to impossible!  You can't feel the difference.  The one
that gets the most pins wins.
Karol P  Ü

I did an
internet search on "Baby shower games" and "shower games" on <A
HREF="">Altavista</A> and <A
HREF="">Yahoo</A>. I found LOTS of games that I didn't
have a strong aversion to (like the mittens games!) The game that was the
most popular was the one where I bought several different kinds of baby food and I removed the
labels. Then they had to  look at them and guess what kind they were. There
was also a game where I put different kinds of powder (corn starch, flour,
baking soda, talc, and one other, I can't remember what kind) in numbered
baggies. They had to look at them and guess what they were. Anyhow, try the
internet. There is a blizzard of knowledge out there just waiting to be
Good Luck! :)

At showers we play a game where each guest gets a clothespin (or baby diaper pin) which she wears prominently.  The trick is not to cross your legs during the shower.  If you order ativan without rx, whomever sees you do it gets to take your clothespin (or clothespins if you've gathered a few).  At the end of the shower whomever has the most clothespins wins a prize.

Another game is using a life-size baby doll.  Provide the necessary clothes for dressing a baby (cloth diaper and pins, undershirt, dress (or shirt and pants) socks and shoes.  Time each person dressing the baby.  Whomever dresses the baby in the shortest amount of time wins a prize.  This game is hilarious especially when there are women who haven't had a baby before and have a hard time with the clothes.

Two baby shower games I thought were pretty good for us normal people were
1) a pricing game where you had baby items (baby wipes, diapers, bibs etc.
and the guests had to guess the price -state the store and that not sale
prices etc. The one with the closest wins and the guest of honor gets the
stuff (That could be your gift) That is also adaptable for a bridal shower.
2) is guess the baby food. Jars of unlabeled (but numbered) baby food on a
tray. Each guest has own spoon and napkin to wipe off to avoid
cross-contamination and others germs. The one who guesses most wins.
Probably favors Moms with young children For bridal showers same principle,
but smell and name the  spice.
Kay T

one to get the husband involved who wanted to be there ( I made him
put a balloon under his shirt and everyone had to guess his weight when he
was born...not his weight now..I made up slips they had to fill out on the
computer...I asked his permission first.) the second game I gave every one
two name tags... one for their name to go one the front of them...and I gave
them a name of a "famous" mom on the back of their moms...etc.
and they had to ask the other guests questions to figure out who they went over very well..I limited the guest to only asking one
question per other guest so they had to mingle and talk to everybody...then
as a prize for everyone I made bath salts in cello bags tied up with
different pastel ribbons and a label w/ directions and ingredients....or you
could do a bar of soap...good luck...Pepper

Another one is to get a roll of string...or a spool of thread...and each person takes off however much they think they need to go around the mom's tummy ONCE.  The once closest wins.  All ages have enjoyed that one and there is a lot of giggles going on.
Gina in ca

My daughter just had a baby shower.  A bag was passed
around.  Each person had 30 seconds to feel inside the
contents, but wasn't allowed to look inside.  Then each
wrote down as many items as they could remember after the 30
seconds.  The one with most listed won.  It was fun (and I
had 'dreaded' the games).    The items were simple things:
diaper, baby bottle, cotton ball, scissors, thimble,
highlighter.....uh, you'd think I'd remember more, I was the
one that won!  LOL


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