Hot Process Soapmaking

'Cooked' soap otherwise known as 'hot-processed' (HP) soap is becoming very popular. Some of our members have dontated their directions/techniques for various methods of cooking soap, we hope you enjoy! It is our opinion that cooked soap should not be attempted by inexperienced soapmakers, you may disagree, but that is our view and we stand by it, : ) Use these methods and directions at your own discretion. The web site owner (Rebecca Erisch) assumes no liability with any written works, recipes, etc.  Thanks to all the members that shared the information found here!


First attempt at double-boiler/enclosed method with pics

Direct Heat Method (Camille's version)

Crockpot HP Tutorials (4 versions)

Oven HP (2 versions)

Camille's C-Pop Notes

 Link to Tutorials on Swirling/Layering Oven Hot Process Soap-

(very well done tutorial with pictures, thanks to Lovena for her contribution to the soapmaking community)


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