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*****This list produces MANY off-topic posts!*****

(if you cannot handle that, then this list is not for you)

Please click the "refresh" or "reload" button on your browser's toolbar to view updates to this page. This is a family-oriented list. Many of our members have children that read the posts, so with that in mind, all web sites posted in your signature line must be appropriate viewing material for the young or we ask that you remove it from your sig line. All posts must be appropriate reading material for all age groups as do any quotes or phrases in your signature line and any links posted. Thank-you for respecting our wishes and rules.

Updated List Description! Since many of our members have been together for over 14 years now, we really are one large "family". You may wish to join this list IF you want to make new friends that share your interests and you do NOT mind off-topic *chatter*, this is NOT the place for you if you are only looking for new recipes and how to make your first million in 6 weeks or less. Please do not waste our time getting to know you if you really are not interested in sharing your life with us and reading about ours. I cannot state this emphatically enough that this list is like sitting down for coffee/tea with your best friends. If you do not want to read about so-and-so's children, pets, doctor visit, shoe size, new zit, etc. then this is not the place for you, : )

This is a 'freehanded' list, meaning a very generous one. We have veteran soapmakers on hand to help when any is needed. Some of the topics we cover: Soapmaking, Candlemaking, Herbal Crafts, Lotions, Glycerin Soaps, Ideas and Recipes, Business, Bath and Beauty, lots more. *Please keep in mind that this is a very busy, conversational list. If you post to the list any message that could be considered spam-like, you're outta here, no second chances! You must agree to this mailing lists rules and regulations before subscribing, please read them or you may be un-subscribed without knowing why- click on the link below to access the rules page. Digest subscribers must delete the entire digest except for the actual statement they are addressing or will be put on a no-posting status for one week. Repeat violaters will be removed from the list. We have more than enough to do on this list than spend the time un-subscribing those that request it, so if you want to leave us, un-sub yourself the same way you joined. For those that are astonished at the amount of mail our list generates with our very high member count, keep in mind that you can sign up for a free mail account (after your membership application has been accepted using a non free email address) many places on the web and transer your subscription over to that one to free up your main account, yahoo is a good one. NO ADS MAY BE POSTED TO THE LIST. PLEASE READ AD INFO IN LIBRARY-

Soapnuts Mailing List Rules and Regulations!

By subscribing to this mailing list, you are agreeing to adhere to our mailing list 'laws'.....please
print out this guide and keep it handy for reference should you have any questions.
Current members who do not want to follow the rules, may un-subscribe by going to the soapnuts
list center at Yahoo Groups.
If you do not understand a particular rule, feel free to contact the listmoms at any time, that's
what we are here for.......failure to follow these rules may result in termination of your

1.It is the ultimate rudeness to a listowner to have info posted about joining other lists. This will
not be tolerated. If you do so, you will be unsubscribed with no further explanation. This also
includes any talk of other mailing list groups, message boards, clubs, etc.. (you may request permission from the list owner or
moderator in some instances, contact info at the bottom of this page), this includes list info in sig
lines, not allowed!

2.Posting-especially Digest Subscribers- You must cut out the entire digest in your reply before responding to a digest
number. Any member that replies to a digest and keeps in more than 3 posts out of a digest will be
moderated and put on a no-posting status for one week. Repeat offenders risk being
unsubscribed/banned from the list. If you do not understand these rules, feel free to send an e-mail
to me at

Remember to also edit the subject heading when replying to a digest to pertain to your topic or
message. All members are required to trim their replies to the list, remove all footers, etc. by highlighting and deleting.

3.  No rudeness or 'mean' posts, period! Supplier complaints must be approved by the list owner or moderator.
Re-read all of your posts to make sure that you will not be offending anyone. If you get hate mail
privately, contact one of the list moms to make us aware of the situation and let us handle it.
Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Publicly 'attacking' someone will
not be tolerated for any reason and will result in instant termination of your subscription to
"Soapnuts" will receive no warnings of dismissals for this reason.
If you can't say something nice, do yourself a favor and don't say it at all!

4.  If you read a post that you think is inappropriate material for the list, or generally disapprove
of anyone's behavior, contact one of the list moms and let us handle it, DO NOT respond to the
post on-list! This is exactly how fighting starts on a list of this size.
If someone posts a topic or answer that you would love to argue about, get up from your
computer and take a nice walk, grab a cup of calming tea and think about what you would like to
say, then post your opinion in as nice a way as possible without offending other members.
Opinions are needed for enlightenment, but blunt attacks are not!

5. Although you are all free citizens, as a part of a mailing list community, you are subject to rules
and regulations set forth by the list owner and/or such any hate mail or abuse of
another member even when posted PRIVATELY to another member, will not be tolerated. You
will be un-subscribed with no notice. For those of you on the receiving end of the mail in question,
please forward a copy of the letter to one of the list moms, we will determine whether or not the
sender has broken a list rule and take the appropriate measures.

6.Change subject headings when appropriate.....please do not just hit 'reply' and send a post to the
list if it has nothing to do with the subject heading. This is to be fair for all especially those on
digest who cannot delete only those messages they don't want.

7. Cut and Paste!

Yes, we've already discussed this in rule #2, but it's serious enough to warrant repeating.

When replying to a post, highlight all information not pertinent to your reply
and cut it out...those of you on digest replying to a digest number, cut out the entire digest except
for that information you are replying to and change your subject heading...most people will not
read a post with a subject heading of "re:Digest #1255" 

8. Off topic messages are welcome to the list, as long as "OT" is in the subject heading and this
freedom is not abused. Warnings will be given out to those individuals who abuse this freedom, either publicly or privately. If this becomes a regular occurrence, it can result in you forfeiting the right to be a member. 

9. All responses to co-ops, swaps, items for sale, items for trade, etc. are to be sent directly to the
party privately, NOT posted for the whole list to read. We should not have to read about your
order, etc. which doesn't involve the rest of us.

10. Questions concerning 'how-to' information, pricing included, MAY be sent to the list. For
example, Jane Doe doesn't know how much to charge for her eye pillows, she may post a message
to the list asking for help on pricing, if the list gets too clogged with answers, the list moderators
may ask that the subject be taken privately. This does not mean you broke a rule, just that we are
moderating the situation and see a need for control over the amounts of posted messages.

11. ABSOLUTELY NO SOLICITATION ALLOWED! This includes business soliciting, recruiting
members for other lists, etc. If you are in doubt as to what can or can't be posted, contact a
moderator and they will decide.

12. All *advertisements for businesses must NOT be sent to the list. We have a weekly ad
delivered to all members every Monday, there is a fee for this service, please visit the ad info
center at:

*This does not include supplier information, such as if a member asks for a certain supplier or you
think the list should know about a supplier, as long as it is not your business you are
Members who are business owners and read a post and sells that product may contact the poster
PRIVATELY, this is not spamming, you asked for the information, the member is trying to help
you out with their information, but you may not contact the person ON the list.

13. All Co-Ops and Swaps must be approved by the listowner and/or moderators.....Swap hosts
may use the co-op form in the library or send their request to either listmom below. Co-Op hosts
must fill out the form located in the library. Please read the rules for hosting a swap or co-op
before sending in your request, please.

14. Specific pricing may be given- If you have found a good deal that you would like to announce
to the list, you may say post the where's and what's to the list....Several lists do not allow this due
to competition when selling like items, I have no problem with this as we are here to share in all
areas and will not change this, but please do not criticize another supplier to the list. If you have
problems with a supplier, contact a listmom and we will make the decision of whether it concerns
the whole list.

15. Occasionally a subject may come up that was discussed earlier during the lists' life and
determined to be 'dead', a moderator may ask that the subject be discontinued and no replies
made in kind to the list. This is not done to embarrass any individuals but out of concern for the
general list atmosphere, please do not take it as 'singling out' or someone picking on you, there is no easy way to handle
this situation and it may come up from time to time.
When a subject is concerned 'Dead' or 'Over' is such. There are to be no posts to the list about
the subject or you may be put in the corner publicly.

16. Signature lines are allowed, but must be kept to a MAXIMUM of 4 lines!
This includes personal/business web pages, not other mailing list groups.Absolutely NO 'spam'
type or solicitation links. For example-"Make money at home!", "Join PayPal and get 5 dollars
free", no religious sayings, etc. regardless of the religion.  No offense is meant towards any with this rule, soapnuts is a safe haven for all, regardless of race, sex, religion, etc.
Sig lines should state your business name, web site (if applicable) and a short description
of what you offer, signature lines are NOT for advertising/recruiting, you may not post sales,
special offers, Co-Ops, etc. you will need to pay a fee for that priveledge on this list.

17. UPDATED! Any soapnut members found forwarding any of our list members posts (either entire post or partial) to others who are not current members of our mailing list will be unsubscribed immediately. List messages are only for the eyes of our members, not to be shared without permission and each and every post to
this list requires the permission of the sender to do so.
Any member found quoting/copying/pasting a members posting(s) on any other list besides soapnuts, is subject to termination of membership and possible banning. The list owner reserves the right to make decisions based on each situation and handle it accordingly.

18. No doubt this rule upsets many, but we are committed to discussing safe and sane soapmaking on this list. Those topics include but may not be limited to (in that case, contact a list moderator before posting):Cold-process, Liquid Soap, Hot Process (sane methods), Melt-and-Pour. This is not the place to discuss un-proven experimental processes. We prefer our topics to cover time-tested, soapnut approved, : ) I will give three examples for references to methods we feel have no place on our list-Room-Temp Soap Making, Microwave Soap Making and Blender Soap. 

I could go on and on explaining why this is our view on making soap properly, but the bottom line is this-we have a responsibility to teach others the fundamentals of good soapmaking and perhaps they will go on to spread their wings and do some experimenting of their own, but safety first. What works for one may not work for another and in the end, may cause more confusion, so please, respect our views, : )

Last but also most important, HAVE FUN!!!!!!! We are all here because of a shared interest,
whether we be a newbie just learning or a seasoned veteran. Questions are always welcome, if you
have one, don't be afraid to post it, you won't learn anything that way. The only stupid questions
are those that go un-asked........
All messages pertaining directly to soapmaking and toiletries are allowed.
This includes soap or toiletry recipes, helpful hints, supplier questions, etc.

 Some of us are here for learning, others for making friends. I have done all in my power to make
places for you all to meet and share conversations better done off of the list. All members have
access to a message board .....and a chat room located right in our faq library. There is also a chat
room open at the soapnuts member center at yahoogroups.

 For more 'friendly' ideas, there are some easy to download and use free programs available on the
net, such as ICQ, Yahoo Pager with voice chat, Instant Messenger, etc.


Important Contact Information:

LISTOWNER and Listmom- Rebecca Erisch 




Co-Moderator: Denise


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