Soapnuts Swap Rules -
          Also applies to co-ops where applicable!
If you need help on how to go about hosting, please Click Here to open a new window, exit the window when you are done reading/printing to return to this page. 

Host/Hostess Rules:
You must be a soapnut member for at least 3 months before hosting!
1. Give clear information on:
What is to be included in the swap (soaps, toiletries, etc.)
The 'Theme' (if applicable),
An exact due date and ship date,
Monies required (return postage + extra packaging),
Size of swap.

2. Give confirmations promptly. Do not leave people wondering if they are in or if their message was not delivered.

3.  Let the participant know promptly when her/his box has arrived and the condition of the box/contents upon arrival. Their items are precious to them and they would have great peace to know it arrived safely

4. Answer all messages about the co-op promptly.

5. Give weekly updates/reminders to all the swap/co-op participants. THIS SHOULD NOT BE DONE ON THE LIST. If you need to post publicly, then you MUST get pre-approval from the list owner or a moderator and keep such posts to a minimum.

6.   Send out as close as possible to the time promised. Let the swap
participants know if there is to be any delay.

7.  If circumstances are such that the hostess is unable to follow through with her/his commitment, then she/he should cancel the swap, inform all participants, and return items and monies sent promptly.

8. Hostess may repost swap if any  participant drops out and be able to fill those spots on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

9. Discourteous Hostesses/Hosts (includes, but is not limited to: Rude, failure to mail back boxes, delinquent in mailing out boxes as promised) will be forbidden to announce swaps on Soapnuts after the first offence.

Soapnuts Swap Rules - Participants:

1. Read all the swap information before asking questions or signing up.

2. Sign up as early as possible to avoid possible disappointment should swap close quickly. Use your street mailing address as your confirmation so hostess/host may prepare your return shipping labels as soon as possible.

3. Send your boxes on time and let hostess/host know it is en route. Be sure to include all monies needed for return shipping + extra packaging. HOST reserves the right to remove you from a swap if you do NOT hold up your end of the bargain (everything sent on time and correctly), the host may also send your box back to you if it does not make the dead-line. All dead-lines ARE FIRM! You snooze, you lose. Period.

4. Send boxes that are packed well so they will arrive in tact and safely.

5. Be courteous and patient with hostess/host in all correspondence.

6. If you must drop out of the swap, let the hostess/host know promptly so she/he can fill your spot as quickly as possible.

7. If you are a participant who signs up upon a swap re-opening to fill a  vacancy, please be prompt to get your box and monies in to the hostess/host to avoid any further delays in the swap.

8. Discourteous participants (includes, but is not limited to: Rude, no-shows, delinquent in mailing boxes) will be forbidden to participate in all future swaps announced on Soapnuts.