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What are Soapin'teers? Remarkable soapmakers that have volunteered to offer help via e-mail to newbie soapmakers that need more of a one-on-one assistance, help making their first batch of soap or answers to questions that come up during the soapmaking process. This also includes help with homemade bath products, herbal products, etc. On this site you will find the e-mail addresses that you can use to reach a volunteer with questions along with a short description of what areas the volunteer has experience with. Books can be a great source of information, but sometimes we need someone to hold our hand and walk us through it.

My thanks and gratitude to all the volunteers for being a valuable asset to our soapmaking community.

Who can use this page? Anyone needing assistance or a friendly ear that either need help quickly or are not comfortable posting their questions to the list. The volunteers are not to be used as an alternative to our mailing list, they are offering a service to those in need requiring special attention, please do not abuse this service!
Our list rules are to be upheld at all times.
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My specialties are cp milk soaps, bath salts,
milk baths and body butters.
yahoo IM..... mgkchild
aol IM...... mgkchild2
Denise in PA
hotwater@usachoice.net or neehutchy@yahoo.com
Experience with cp and most toiletries

I could help out with CP Soap questions, as well as balms and butters.  I also have experience with herbal preparations, so maybe I could help in a general way with salves, infusions, etc.  I am, however, a M & P flunkie...

Kathi -Stefanokt@optonline.net
     I only do M&P and some bathbombs and salts and things
like that, but if anyone needs help with that I would be glad too.

Kathy -Sweetwater Soap-swsoap@webtv.net-Riverton, Wyoming

Teresa -strickts@logicsouth.com
I do basic M&P, CP-veggie base, milksoaps(coconut and GMS),
double boiler-open and closed HP, salves, balms, fizzies, lotions, etc.

Rose- Rose@SouthwestBasics.com
 I do cp soaps.
Rose  Phoenix, Arizona

Tammy- tammys@intelos.net
 I do CP, HP, lip balms, lotion bars and salves.

Fran -Thingamajigie@cs.com-Southern SoaperyMississippi
 Certainly CP, a little DBHP, creams, milk bath, bath fizzies, body sprays, butter bath cubes, safety
precautions and the very basics (buying on a shoestring).  Lots of recipes,
how to use the lye calculator (just about all newbies need this explained)
and just lots of support. 

Barbara-Sutton's Mountain-suttonmt@primeline.com
I would be glad to help anyone who needs help with making C/P soap, glycerin soap, bath salts, lotion bars, body butters, lip balms,salves, balms, perfume, shampoo bars, hair rinses, facial oils, foot products, bath powders, bath splashes, mask, essential oil info for skin, etc. Many have helped me and I would like to return
the favor.

Barb Brown-brownjrb@connect.ab.ca
I have experience in CP soaps.

Peg Leslie- thewaygirl@gmail.com -Peg's Place 4 soap candles bath crafts
 CP soapmaker, lotion bars, bath bombs, candles.

Becky-iamasoapnut@gmail.com-Country Petaler
Listmom to this talented group!

I do cp & m&p, mostly.

 Kari -Truprsldy@aol.com
I have experience with CP (all veggie and wee bit with milk soaps), creams, salves, lip balms, bath bombs,
bath salts, herbal bath teas, herbal scrubs, etc.

Emma mailto:shabondama@optusnet.com.au
I am based in Australia and am rarely far from my  email. I have experience with HP (several methods) as well as bath and body treats. I am also setting up a small business and am looking at suppliers in Oz.

Cherylann timacher@pioneernet.net
I do mostly cp soap.  I can help you with soap questions and some bath and
lotions problems.
My name is Roberta Breaune (Braun) Bass and I developed the recipe for
Roberta's Bestest Hardest Bar.  I would be glad to help newbies work through
new soaping experiences...Our addy is:

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